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Terms And Conditions

Some words and phrases have special meanings in the Contract. In some cases, the defined meaning is different from the meaning that the word or phrase might have in ordinary usage, or it might include conditions that don’t normally apply. In order to understand the Contract, you need to take these special meanings into account. The words and expressions listed in Article1 hereunder shall have the meaning assigned to them except where the context otherwise requires. All defined words and phrases have initial capitals (except for ‘day’, ‘month’ and ‘week’) and are in italics in this General Conditions of Contract unless they are one of the following 11 basic terms, which appear too often for italics to be used: · day, month, week · Site · Contract · Subcontract · Contractor · Subcontractor · Consultant · Works · Kahramaa Article 1: Definitions 1.1 "Actual Completion Date" shall be the Works Completion date shown as such on the Taking Over Certificate issued by Kahramaa in accordance with Article 9 of these General Condition of Contract (GCC). Each Milestone of Works (if any) may have its own Actual Completion Date. 1.2 "Appendix" followed by capital letter means the Appendix specified by that letter to this General Conditions of Contract (GCC). 1.3 "Approve/Approved/Approval" means approve/approved/approval in Writing by Kahramaa. 1.4 "Article" followed by a number means the Article specified by that number (and all its sub-articles) to these General Conditions of Contract (GCC). 1.5 "As-Built Drawings". The drawings as issued for construction on which the Contractor upon completion of the work has shown changes due to Contract modifications (Variations Orders), actual site conditions, and other information which Kahramaa considers to be significant. 1.6 "Certificate of Operation (CO)" means the certificate issued by Kahramaa to the Contractor after signing the Notification of Safety Precautions Certificate (NOSP in which Kahramaa will accept the operation of the Works or Milestone under the Contractor's supervision for thirty (30) days reliability and performance. 1.7 "Certificate of Readiness (COR)" means the certificate issued by Kahramaa to the Contractor, in which Kahramaa certify that the Works or the Milestone(s) are ready for connection to network but Kahramaa can not provide access to network due to reasons referred solely to Kahramaa.